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About Us

Emeka's Fund is an idea born out of an owner surrender to ACCT Philly in 2015.  This owner surrender was a German Shepherd named Emeka, who seemed loved and cared for throughout his life. However, as Emeka started to age, he became very sick. His owner took him to the vet and after some diagnostic testing, it was determined that Emeka was terminally ill. His owner was unable to afford private euthanasia and with a heavy heart, he tearfully surrendered Emeka to ACCT Philly.  Volunteers took notice and gave Emeka his "last day" and stayed with him until he took his last breath peacefully at a veterinarian's office.  We thought to ourselves, how wonderful it would have been if Emeka could have done this with his owner and saddened that the cost of euthanasia is what prevented it from happening.  In hopes to prevent these types of owner surrenders, we saw a need to help the community and their pets and we made it our mission to find a way to make that possible.  
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